The Trivial Importance of
Vine & Fig Tree's
Constant Judgmental Negativism

Vine & Fig Tree is a non-profit publishing organization which seeks to address the most pressing issues of our day.

As we prepare to enter the 21st century, what are the most pressing issues of the day?

If we were to judge by media coverage, the most pressing issue is whether the President should be removed from office for lying about his "sexual indiscretions."

Treason The fact that this President was elected due in part to financial support from Communist China, which has been paid off with access to nuclear weapons technology, is apparently not the most pressing issue of the day.
Corruption The fact that this President has admitted on national television that he has been in possession of illegal drugs (which his Press Secretary described in a press conference as "no big deal"), that his government in Arkansas oversaw the smuggling of millions of dollars in cocaine (which was sold on American streets), and that he has probably ordered the murder of as many people as your average organized crime "godfather" is also not the most pressing issue.
Immorality The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Kentucky law permitting the posting of a privately-funded copy of the Ten Commandments in each school classroom with a plaque attached which read, "The secular application of the Ten Commandments is clearly seen in its adoption as the fundamental legal code of Western Civilization and the Common Law of the United States," and that the overwhelming majority of public school students cannot list three or more of the Ten Commandments, and that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among 14 year olds has been skyrocketing, is not the most pressing issue of our day.
"Orwellian Memory Hole" The fact that Supreme Court decisions removing virtue, morality, and Christianity from schools are based on a systematic distortion of American history and American legal precedents is no big deal. The suppression of the universal belief of the Founding Fathers in the importance of Christian morality and virtue is of no concern to most people.
Political Duplicity The fact that most politicians who have taken an oath to "support the Constitution" have never even read the Constituiton, and that the Professors of Constitutional Law in the most prestigious law schools in the nation urge their students not to read the Constitution because it is apt to "confuse their minds," is a fact of no more significance to most Americans than your average "lawyer joke."
Mass Murder The fact that atheistic governments have murdered an average of 10,000 people per day throughout this century is no big deal. The fact that the murder of 1,000 pre-born human beings per hour is either legalized or coerced by atheistic governments elicits little more than a yawn.
Conspiracy The fact that a small group of wealthy, highly-educated Secular Humanists known as "The Council on Foreign Relations" always occupies the highest offices in the land (both political and corporate) regardless of whether the Democrats or the Republicans are in power, is of no interest to most people.
Global Genocide The fact that this group of powerful people believes that an additional 15,000 people per hour must be put to death in order to preserve their way of life, and that this policy has been put forth in official publications of the United Nations, is of no interest to most Americans unless news of this fact pre-empts their favorite sitcom, in which event they will immediately rush en masse to complain about this interruption in Internet "chat rooms."

Since Vine & Fig Tree seeks to address these and other issues rather than the most talked-about issues of our day, it appears that Vine & Fig Tree is one of the most insignificant and unimportant organizations in existence today.

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